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Tools hard film vacuum coating

TiN Hard film vacuum coating for gears
PVD coating is a plasma coating deposition technology which the materials are vaporized under vacuum conditions ,so as to avoid the reaction between the vaporized material and air.  PVD coating is used to add new features as improve the workpieces' hardness,wear resisitance,corrosion resisitance ect..
coating thickness            0.5-10μm
hardness                        1000-4000 HV
temperature resisitance    300-1150°c
deposition temperature     200-600°c


hard film vacuum coating for milling cutter

PVD COATING process is available in the following coating compositions:

  1. (TiN) This optical quality Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating provides excellent abrasion resistance & lubricity, and is the first choice for most molding applications.
  2. (CrN/CrC) This optical quality Chromium Nitride/ Chromium Carbide (CrN/CrC) coating protects against corrosive gases generated during some molding applications.
  3. (TiN/TiCN) This optical quality Titanium CarboNitride (TiCN) coating provides increased abrasion resistance beyond TiN coating, and works well in many slide applications.
  4. (DLC) This optical quality Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating provides the highest hardness and lowest coefficient of friction of all  coatings.

These coating film are applied to tools.

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