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We provide turnkey service, including coating film research, equipment’s R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, trial production, personnel training and machine maintenance.


Puyuan Vacuum Technology guarantees that all equipment to be delivered is made of suitable material and free of construction or design faults. The plant is guaranteed for ONE YEAR from the date of testing.

Installation and testing at the customer’s facility will be at Puyuan Vacuum Technology’s care, whereas the customer will pay for the costs of air tickets, subsidy, board and lodging for two technicians per working day.

During the warranty period, the parts which may prove to be defective to our judgement, will be replaced free of charge if you report the defect in written form within 8 days from the detection. Replaced parts are property of Puyuan Vacuum Technology and have to be sent to Puyuan Vacuum Technology on its request and its costs. In so far as Puyuan Vacuum Technology is not manufacturer of the accessories, the warranty conditions of our subcontractors are valid.

Wear and tear parts are excluded from any warranties and the same applies to the results of operations, to impacts on production and anything arising from working imperfections previously indicated, being therefore excluded any liability for damage. In any case no defect of the equipment even if under warranty, can be invoked by you, also in court of justice, if you haven’t settled the payments. The price of transport and packaging, will be paid by the purchaser, who undertakes to return the defective parts. The parts which may be damaged for negligence or tampering will be responsibility of the customer. We recommend a preventive maintenance once a year; Puyuan Vacuum Technology guarantees a regular and continuous service on payment, provided on request, as per conditions described in enclosure.

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