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  • Innovative methods of ion coating for vacuum coating machine

    The multi-arc ion coating is to put the material to be plated and the substrate to be plated in the room. The multi-arc ion coating of vacuum coating machine uses certain method to heat the material to be plated, make it evaporate or sublimate, and fly sputtering to the surface of the coated subs...
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  • Why the glass coating film drop off when in vacuum coating machine

    What is the problem that vacuum coating machine will drop film when plating glass? Let’s learn about it:  The surface cleaning of components of vacuum evaporation coating equipment is necessary because the vacuum system can not be used normally without high vacuum if it is affected by exter...
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  • How to reduce dust in vacuum coating Machine

    Vacuum coating machine is widely used today and become a more and more  essential technology, but the surface will with dust that causing vacuum coating effect not good which after in use for a period time. In order to improve vacuum coating effect and make good quality coating film, the correct ...
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  • Analysis on the Components and Principle of Vacuum Coating Machine

    The chamber of vacuum coating machine – according to the difference of processing product requirements, the size of vacuum chamber is also different. Currently there are more applications such as 0.9 M、1.3M、1.5M、1.8M. The chamber is made of stainless steel, which requires no rust and sol...
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  • Troubleshooting of magnetron sputtering coating equipment

    1.The coating film is murky grey or black     ①The vacuum degree of magnetron sputtering coating equipment is too low that need to be raised to 0.4pa.     ②The sputtering time is too long that need to shorten the sputtering time.     ③Air leakage occurs in the inflatable system of magnetron sput...
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  • Mirror/glass coating production line is shipped to our customers

    Mirror/glass coating production line is shipped to our customers

    With the soon coming new year 2020, people are all very happy.  Our Puyuan also very happy because we make a successfully delivery of mirror/glass coating production line to our customer.  Customer is very satisfied with our delivery.  We firmly believed that our vacuum coating machine can bring ...
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  • Warmly welcome our India customer come for visiting our factory

    Warmly welcome our India customer come for visiting our factory

    Our India customer came to visit us for checking PVD vacuum coating machines on Jan. 3rd, 2020.  Our kind customers brought their product to us and very kindly to tell us their requirements in details.  Thanks for our customers coming and their trust, we showed our coating machines and the coatin...
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  • India customer visit us for on-site machine acceptance

    Warmly welcome our India Customer come to our factory for machine on-site acceptance on day of Dec. 23, 2019.  India customer is do business of heat insulation cup and they need brazing furnace for their cup’s vacuum.  After communication and visiting our plant for checking we win their tru...
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  • On-site debugging for our Turkey customer

    Our PVD vacuum coating machine was exported to Turkey last week and our technicians went to the customer’s plant for on-site debugging. Our Turkey customer is  not only satisfied with our coating machine running operation  but also with our technicians professional skills. Thanks for our cu...
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  • Congratulations on Puyuan Vacuum established its new company Pusheng Thermal Insulation Material Technology

    PuSheng Thermal Insulation Material Technology (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. is the core technology strength in the field of vacuum insulation, focusing on medicine, fresh, food, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated containers, cold storage and other cold chain industries, as well as the field of wall insula...
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  • DC sputtering coating & RF sputtering coating

    What is DC Sputtering?DC or Direct Current Sputtering is a Thin Film Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating technique where a target material to be used as the coating is bombarded with ionized gas molecules causing atoms to be “Sputtered” off into the plasma. These vaporized atoms are then depo...
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  • Introduction of vacuum coating grid bias power supply

    Bias is the negative voltage which applied to the substrate during the vacuum coating process. The positive terminal of the bias power supply is connected to the vacuum chamber, while the vacuum chamber is connected to the ground. The negative terminal of the bias power supply is connected to the...
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