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  • Several reasons for the fine pumping of vacuum coating machine——–Kunshan Puyuan

    Vacuum coating machine fine pumping too slow mainly from the following aspects to find the reasons for: 1、A diffusion pump may not be so awesome.Solution: the ionization gauge can be used to pump the mouth of the pump, see the pump single pumping can reach the number, to look at the time and the...
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  • Measurement and control method of film thickness of modern vacuum film coating machine

        The most direct coating control method is the quartz crystal micro balance method (QCM), which can be directly driven by the evaporation source, through the PID control loop drive baffle, keep the evaporation rate. As long as the instrument is connected with the system control software, it ca...
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  • Ion Plating

    Has a variety of coating method used in modern aviation industry, such as electroplating, plating, electroless plating, spreading and rolling pressure, plating, etc.Many coating process for people to grasp, and played a significant role in the production.However, the existing coating process with...
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    Magnetron sputtering is a deposition technology involving a gaseous plasma which is generated and confined to a space containing the material to be deposited – the ‘target’. The surface of the target is eroded by high-energy ions within the plasma, and the liberated atoms travel through the vac...
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  • PVD Properties and Application Chart

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  • The Advantages of PVD Wear Coatings

    Dramatic Improvement in Tool Life Minimal Dimensional Changes Low Maintenance Higher Speeds & Feeds Protects Against Corrosion Strip & Recoat Multiple Times Resistant to Chemicals Environmentally Safe High Heat Resistance Reduced Friction Uniform Coating Decorative Colors Low Coa...
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  • Why use PVD vacuum coating machine?

    Why use PVD vacuum coating machine?

    Compared to other deposition techniques like traditional electroplating, PVD vacuum coating technology has many advantages, like: Can get harder and more corrosion resistant film than coatings applied by the electroplating process. Most coatings have high temperature and good impact strength, ex...
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  • Vacuum coating machine maintenance

    Vacuum coating machine maintenance

    With the development of science andtechnology, vacuum coating technology has been in: solar thermal collectors,solar cells, tapes, disks, semiconductor devices, glass, optics, photoelectricdisplay device, mould and cutting tool of hard coating, thermal coating ofturbine blade, metal products, wat...
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  • PVD process

    Coating technology and process coating technology and process coating technology and process coating technology and process 1. vacuum coating technology development Vacuum coating technology is not a long time to start, the international community in the sixties of last century before CVD (Chemic...
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  • Introduction of vacuum coating grid bias power supply

    Bias is the negative voltage which applied to the substrate during the vacuum coating process. The positive terminal of the bias power supply is connected to the vacuum chamber, while the vacuum chamber is connected to the ground. The negative terminal of the bias power supply is connected to the...
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  • DC sputtering coating & RF sputtering coating

    What is DC Sputtering? DC or Direct Current Sputtering is a Thin Film Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating technique where a target material to be used as the coating is bombarded with ionized gas molecules causing atoms to be “Sputtered” off into the plasma. These vaporized atoms are then dep...
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