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  • The cleaning of the PVD vacuum coating product

    Why cleaning?    Before the vacuum process, the workpiece or material should be cleaned to remove the pollutants from their surface; it’s also very necessary of vacuum parts to do surface cleaning,because the gas and steam sources caused by the pollutants will not only make the vacuum system unab...
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  • Low/High Vacuum Obtaining

    High Vacuum Obtaining  Mechanical pump is often used to obtain low vacuum.  Mechanical pump is a device that uses mechanical methods to continuously change the volume of suction chamber in the pump and expand the volume of gas in the pumped container to obtain vacuum.  It can work directly under ...
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  • Comparison of vacuum evaporation process

    1.Resistance evaporation source evaporation plating A. Heating: the high melting point metal is made into a proper shape of evaporation source,the current passes through it and is directly heated. B. Advantages: simple structure, cheap cost, reliable use C. Disadvantages: limited maximum temperat...
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  • Vacuum Evaporation

    Vacuum Evaporation 1. Basic Principles       Vacuum evaporation coating (for short: vacuum evaporation) is a method  for heating the raw materials to form thin films in evaporation containers  in vacuum chambers to vaporize their atoms or molecules from the surface  and form steam flowing into th...
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  • Vacuum coating technology

    Vacuum coating technology is a novel material synthesis and processing technology, which is an important part of surface engineering technology. It originated in the 1930s and did not form industrial mass production until the 1980s. It is widely used in electronics, decoration, communication, l...
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  • Basic plasma knowledge introduction

    One、What is the plasma? Plasma is the fourth state of matter except solid, liquid and gas. It is mainly dissociated by gas under the action of high electromagnetic field to form a highly active substance consisting of electrons (with negative charge), positive ions (with positive charge), free ...
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  • What are the measuring methods of film thickness

    Generally, it can be divided into two types: in-situ measurement and off-site measurement. It is widely used in physical vapor deposition, such as microbalance, optical measurement and resistance measurement. The off-position measurement means that after the film is finished, the exercise of th...
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  • What is physical evaporation?

    What is physical evaporation? Describe the steps in briefly as following: Physical evaporation is to heat the substance to volatilize and then deposit its vapor on a predetermined substrate. Because the evaporation source must be heated and volatilized and under condition of vacuum, it is so cal...
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  • What are the characteristics of good films? What are the influencing factors?

    It is said that under normal conditions, its application function will not fail. To achieve this, the film must generally have strong adhesion, low internal stress, little pinhole density, strong mechanical performance, uniform film thickness, and sufficient resistance to chemical erosion. The...
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  • Vacuum evaporation coating method

    Vacuum evaporation coating (for short, Vacuum Evaporation) refers to the method of heating evaporation coating material (metal alloy or metal oxide) at high temperature to a certain temperature under certain vacuum conditions to vaporize its atoms or molecules from the surface to form steam flo...
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  • Common Coating Films Information

    1. TiN TiN is a common PVD coating that can increase tool hardness and have high oxidation temperature. The coating can be used in high-speed steel cutting tools or forming tools to obtain very good machining results. 2.CrN Good adhesion of CrN coating makes it the preferred coating in the proce...
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  • Gold plating on PVD DC cylindrical target by magnetron sputtering

    The coil gold-plated target is easy and simple to manufacture. The secondary magnetic field line is obtained by tin plating on the SUS target and Ti target, and the target is produced by spraying 24 K gold on the SUS target. The biggest advantage of choosing cylinder target is limited utilization...
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