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Working conditions and structural requirements of titanium plating coating machine

Working condition of titanium plating coating machine:  

 1、Ideal operating temperature is generally 10℃-30℃.

 2、The cooling water required for titanium plating equipment shall be treated with municipal water or relatively clean water except waste water;

 3.   Temperature shall not exceed 25℃ when the cooling water enters the titanium plating coating equipment.

 4、 What are the optional color ranges for titanium plating coating equipment?
 5、The working environment relative humidity of the titanium plating coating equipment shall not be higher than 70%. 

 6、Power supply according to its equipment specifications, generally 220 V single-phase 50 Hz or 380 V three-phase 50 HZ, 

      If the former, the general voltage fluctuation range is 198V-230V, the latter voltage fluctuation range is generally 400V- 345V. 

 7、The presence of gases or substances that can corrode metals is prohibited around the working environment of titanium plating coating equipment,

     and meanwhile there are no related gases and substances that have electrical  conductivity. 

The structure requirements of titanium plating coating equipment 
    1、 Each component and the machine quality with its specification shall conform to the relevant manufacturing requirements. 
    2、Installation of relevant measuring devices in piping and vacuum chamber accessories to detect pressure status. 
    3、Filtering facilities can be installed on the pump to obtain vacuum.

Post time: Jun-16-2020
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