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Why use PVD vacuum coating machine?

Compared to other deposition techniques like traditional electroplating, PVD vacuum coating technology has many advantages, like:

  • Can get harder and more corrosion resistant film than coatings applied by the electroplating process. Most coatings have high temperature and good impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance and are so durable that protective topcoats are almost never necessary.
  • Ability to utilize virtually any type of inorganic and some organic coating materials on an equally diverse group of substrates and surfaces using a wide variety of finishes.
  • More environmentally friendly than traditional coating processes such as electroplating and painting.
  • More than one technique can be used to deposit a given film, like use the multi arc ion PVD vacuum coating machine, magnetron sputtering PVD vacuum coating machine, evaporation PVD vacuum coating machine, E-beam PVD vacuum coating machine, etc, to get different films.


Post time: Apr-08-2019
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