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Why the glass coating film drop off when in vacuum coating machine

What is the problem that vacuum coating machine will drop film when plating glass? Let’s learn about it: 

The surface cleaning of components of vacuum evaporation coating equipment is necessary because the vacuum system can not be used normally without high vacuum if it is affected by external environment. And because of impurities, the link and sealing of vacuum components will be affected. 

Contaminant impurities are completely useless to vacuum, multi-arc ion coating machine will divide them into solid impurities, gaseous impurities and liquid impurities according to the state of impurities, which exist in the form of particles, from a chemical point of view, can be either ionic or covalent, can be organic or inorganic. 

The surface exposed to the outside is most possible to contamination. There are many types of contamination, which are usually formed by their own operation at first.

Should be pay attention to the process of surface adsorption, chemical action, cleaning and drying , machine in various operating processes are likely to produce stains to increase surface pollutants.

Early attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the machine can reduce a lot of troubles in the later period, prevent the occurrence of all kinds of small conditions of sputtering coating machine, improve the working efficiency. Of course, the quality of vacuum coating machine coating also plays a very important role in this process.




Post time: Mar-30-2020
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