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What is a mass Flowmeter and what is a mass flow controller for the PVD vacuum coating machine?

Mass Flowmeter, or MASS FLOW METER (abbreviated as MFM),

is an instrument for accurately measuring gas flow.

Its measurement value is not misaligned due to the fluctuation of temperature

or pressure and does not require temperature and pressure compensation.


The mass flow controller, Mass flow controller (abbreviated as MFC),

not only has the function of mass Flowmeter, but also can automatically control the gas flow,

that is, the user can set the flow rate according to the need. 

Even if the system pressure fluctuates or the ambient temperature changes, it will not deviate from the set value.

In short, the mass flow controller is a stabilizing device, which can be manually set or automatically controlled by computer.

Post time: Oct-14-2020
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