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Vacuum evaporation coating method

Vacuum evaporation coating (for short, Vacuum Evaporation) refers to the method of heating evaporation coating material

(metal alloy or metal oxide) at high temperature to a certain temperature under certain vacuum conditions to

vaporize its atoms or molecules from the surface to form steam flow and

fly sputtering to the surface of glass substrate to condense to form solid film.


Because the main physical process of vacuum steam forging method is produced by heating evaporation material,

it is also called hot evaporation method.

As a key component of the evaporation device, most evaporation materials require evaporation at

high temperatures 1000-2000 ℃.

Vacuum evaporation can be divided into resistance method, electron beam evaporation method,

high frequency induction method and laser evaporation method.
At present, the production of coated glass by vacuum evaporation is intermittent production.


Post time: Jul-06-2020
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