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Troubleshooting of magnetron sputtering coating equipment

1.The coating film is murky grey or black
    ①The vacuum degree of magnetron sputtering coating equipment is too low that need to be raised to 0.4pa.
    ②The sputtering time is too long that need to shorten the sputtering time.
    ③Air leakage occurs in the inflatable system of magnetron sputter coating equipment. Check the inflatable system and replace it if damage is found.

 2. The color of the coating is uneven

    ①The film is too thin that need to increase the sputtering speed or prolong the sputtering time of the equipment.
    ②The shape of the product is too complex that need to properly improve the rotation speed of the product in the magnetron sputter coating equipment.

3. Coating film layer crack
    ①The viscosity of the coating is too high that need to reduce the viscosity of the coating.
    ②The coating is too thick that need to cut the sputtering time properly
    ③The temperature of magnetron sputter coating equipment is too high that need to shorten the heating time properly.

 4.The coating film surface is not clean
    ①The product is not completely dried after cleaning before coating that need to strengthen the product treatment before coating.
    ②The operator has touched the product by hand, if caused by this case, should require the operator to prohibit the body touch from coating the product.

Post time: Mar-09-2020
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