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Several reasons for the fine pumping of vacuum coating machine——–Kunshan Puyuan

Vacuum coating machine fine pumping too slow mainly from the following aspects to find the reasons for:

1、A diffusion pump may not be so awesome.
Solution: the ionization gauge can be used to pump the mouth of the pump, see the pump single pumping can reach the number, to look at the time and thelimit of pumping, and then compare.

2、 vacuum system with micro leakage.
Solution: the need to slowly leak, look at the vacuum holding time can not meet the required standard.

3、the box is too dirty, too dirty air volume is big.
Solution: clean the box

4、 before the vacuum no, no mechanical vacuum pump or mechanical pump, roots pump.
Solution: can be used to detect the resistance of pre – grade pipeline.


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Post time: Dec-06-2019
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