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Principle of vacuum coating machine

Vacuum coating machine is one of the most widely used vacuum equipment in vacuum application industry at present.

General vacuum chamber, vacuum unit, electrical control cabinet these three system as working principles.

Vacuum chamber size is different according to the different products and different processing,

currently the most used are with diameter 0.9 M1.3M,1.5M1.8M, the chamber is made of stainless steel which have a request of not rust,solid and etc.,

each part of the vacuum chamber has a link valve which used to link each pumping pump. 

Auxiliary air pumping system: the vacuum pumping system is an important part of the vacuum system of the coating machine,

which is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical pump, booster pump (mainly introduced Roots pump) and oil diffusion pump.

This exhaust system is composed of “diffusion pump mechanical pump Roots pump cryogenic trap polycold “.

Vacuum pumping flow: the mechanical pump first pumping chamber to 2.0*10-2 pa or so low vacuum state,

for the diffusion pump follow-up vacuum pumping premise, and then when the diffusion pump vacuum,

the mechanical pump with oil diffusion pump in series, has completed the pumping operation in this way.

Mechanical pump: also known as the front stage pump, mechanical pump is the most widely used low vacuum pump

which use oil to maintain the sealing effect and rely on mechanical methods to constantly change the volume of

the suction chamber in the pump, so that the volume of gas in the pumped container constantly expand to obtain vacuum.

Post time: Jun-01-2020
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