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Metal Furniture Coatings: Vacuum Coating Machine is with a very ready market

Metal furniture coating: vacuum coating machine is very popular in surface treatment field.

At present, many consumers are looking at metal furniture painting, metal furniture with the advantages of shape unique,fashion and stylish.


 Generally speaking, metal furniture in the market now is divided into four categories:

 I. Furniture with glass and stainless steel tubes

 II. Folding beds and folding sofas dominated by steel pipes

 III. Iron furniture for outdoor use

 IV. Multi-functional racks sold on the market


 At present, the metal furniture in the home market is relatively easy to sell, the surface coating way is rich, can be said that the current popular metal furniture surface coating is colorful, colorful furniture is sprayed with polyurethane powder; some are light and human chrome plating, gorgeous and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide film.


 High performance vacuum coating equipment is provided for the surface treatment of various products in hardware industry. It is an efficient and pollution-free ion coating equipment which has the advantages of fast deposition speed, high ionization rate, large ion energy, simple to operate, low cost and large production.








Post time: May-11-2020
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