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Ion vacuum coating machine application

The application range of ion vacuum coating machine can be divided into two main parts: 1. coating of tool products, 2. decorative coating.

The former coating with the function of prolonging its service life and the latter is more surface decoration function.
For tool products coating, for example the cutting knife that the surface hardness and self-lubrication will be improved obviously which after ion vacuum coating.

This will be reduce the stick-knife in the cutting process, that is the reason why the manufacturers to choose the ion vacuum coating machine.

HL CJHL 190618 (17)

Actually the decorative coating can include tool coating, because it is similar to the such products like tool cutter.

These products not only the performance and service life have been improved but also the surface gloss has a very obvious change.

Especially the metal product, after the ion vacuum coating of re-process will further enhance its value, which is the main function of the surface beautification.


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