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Introduction of Magnetron Sputtering Coating Technology

Magnetron sputtering coating equipment is a kind of vacuum coating machine with the advantages of simple structure and good stability of electrical control. Its technology has a very important impact on the performance of the film.

The process flow of magnetron sputtering coating in ceramic surface decoration is as follows:ceramic sheets → ultrasonic cleaning → clamping → pumping background vacuum →plasma cleaning → heating → argon pre-spatter → pumping background vacuum → sputtering (or multiple sputtering)→ plating AF film→ breaking vacuum unloading sheet → surface inspection→ performance packaging→ storage.

Based on magnetron sputtering coating equipment, super-hard wear-resistant coating film can be prepared by selecting suitable target material and sputtering technology, which can realize high hardness, high wear-resistant and high scratch-resistant properties of the material. At the same time, using NCVM optical film structure design, various layers of different refractive index materials can be designed to mix any color, so that ceramics not only high hardness, strength, with the appearance of fashionable, beautiful features, but also do not shield electromagnetic signals.

Combined with NCVM technology, magnetron sputtering coating equipment can realize the surface decoration treatment of ceramic electronic consumer goods, while ensuring the strength and hardness of ceramics, it can also enhance its beauty and artistry, and better meet the personalized needs of consumers.

Post time: Jun-08-2020
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