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Innovative methods of ion coating for vacuum coating machine

The multi-arc ion coating is to put the material to be plated and the substrate to be plated in the room. The multi-arc ion coating of vacuum coating machine uses certain method to heat the material to be plated, make it evaporate or sublimate, and fly sputtering to the surface of the coated substrate to condense the film.

The method of multi-arc ion coating has many advantages in forming film under conditions, which can reduce the collision of atoms, molecules in the process of flying to the substrate, reduce the chemical reaction (such as oxidation) between active molecules in gas and evaporative source materials, and reduce the amount of impurities that gas molecules enter into the film during film formation, thus providing the density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion to the substrate.

The multi-arc ion coating process of vacuum coating equipment not only avoids the deficiency of traditional surface treatment, but also all the technical indexes are superior to the traditional process, which is widely used in hardware, machinery, chemical industry, mould, electronics, instruments and other fields.

What are the technological innovations in the catalytic liquid compared with the traditional treatment process?

1. the multi-arc ion coating does not use electricity, reduces the cost, the cost is only one-half of the multi-arc ion coating nickel, vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion coating chromium one-third, stainless steel one-quarter, can be reused, greatly reduced the cost.

2. the multi-arc ion plating film is easy to operate, simple process, the metal base into the mixed liquid “one bubble will become “, need to be reprocessed without any treatment.

Post time: Apr-07-2020
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