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How to reduce the dust during vacuum coating

If there is a layer of dust in the vacuum coating, it will affect the overal effect of vacuum coating film, then how to reduce the dust during vacuum coating?

  1. The target material shall meet the necessary purity requirements
  2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment after the sample is taken out.
  3. After coating for a period of time, the vacuum chamber’s interior wall must be cleaned.
  4. When cleaning the substrate material, it must be strictly in line with the requirements of the process.
  5. The operator should have special clothing, and wear golves and foot cover during vacuum coating process.
  6. Appropriately increase the humidity of the environment, which is beneficial to reduce the suspended solid particles in the surrounding environment.
  7. Indoor air fluidity should be low and the ground should be clean, if it is bare cement ground, need to cover treatment. Walls and roofs should not be painted with ordinary grey matter

Post time: Sep-17-2019
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