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How to reduce dust in vacuum coating Machine

Vacuum coating machine is widely used today and become a more and more  essential technology, but the surface will with dust that causing vacuum coating effect not good which after in use for a period time. In order to improve vacuum coating effect and make good quality coating film, the correct treatment of vacuum coating dust is very important:

1. The source material used in the machine should be meet the necessary purity requirements

2. Coating sample when be taken out we should pay attention to its cleaning placing environment

3. After some time of vacuum coating, the inner wall of vacuum chamber must be cleaned

4. Vacuum coating cleaning substrate materials must be strictly in accordance with the process requirements

5. Vacuum coating properly increases humidity in the environment is good for reducing the suspended solid particles in the environment

6. Staff in operation need to wear gloves, foot covers, etc., to have special clothing

Because dust will be harmful to the coating effect, so avoid leaving dust in the vacuum coating machine is very necessary.We should clean often and follow the above mentioned items to avoid dust accumulation.

Post time: Mar-23-2020
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