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How to choose a suitable PVD vacuum coating machine

When the pvd vacuum coating machine demand increases, the purchase of coating machine should be considered.

The coating machine has a great influence on the processing of the whole product, however there are too many coating machine manufacturers and how to choose a suitable coating machine is very important.
First of all, machine size should be determined according to its own products. The price is related to its size, the larger the machine is, the more expensive it is. If choose too large and resources will be wasted,

meanwhile, also with a higher price. If choose a smaller one, the lower output will be.

Second, Product market characteristics, take cost performance into consideration.

High-end market needs high-end equipment; For medium and low-end market, a set of medium and low-end coating equipment is ok.

Third, Coating machine has different technology, so we should also consider the material of coating products,

such as do plastic, need to buy plastic coating machine; do fine processing, need to choose metal coating coating machine.

Forth, The parameters of the coating machine. The same price of the product compared to its material and achieved the parameters and effects,

can require coating film sample, most of the equipment manufacturers will agree it.

Fifth, Can consult other industry friends’ coating equipment is where to buy, does the machine running well?

Also need to make clearly of competitor’s coating machine is what brand, choose no worse than his coating machine at least.

Sixth, Finally, it is important to take its service, product quality and after-sales service into consideration.

Vacuum coating machine manufacturers whether there is a technical support, and the door-to-door maintenance is also an important choice of buying coating machine.

Post time: May-06-2020
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