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Gold plating on PVD DC cylindrical target by magnetron sputtering

The coil gold-plated target is easy and simple to manufacture. The secondary magnetic field line is obtained by tin plating on the SUS target and Ti target, and the target is produced by spraying 24 K gold on the SUS target.

The biggest advantage of choosing cylinder target is limited utilization of precious metal Au, saving processing cost and obtaining more colors.

Coiling and gold plating is used to make pure Au DC target become diversified composite Au target by coiling wires of various materials on cylindrical DC target. Common coiling materials include Cu, Ni, Al, Ag, etc. the colors that can be prepared are

Ipg1n (L value: 88 a value: 3.5 b value: 27)

Ipg2n (L value: 88 a value: 6 b value: 32)

Ipg3n (L value: 90a value: 3.5b value: 38)

Ipssg (L value: 85 a value: 2 b value: 21)

Post time: Jun-23-2020
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