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Design Technical of Uniformity of Magnetron Sputtering Film

Magnetron sputtering coating is one of the indispensable technologies in modern industry. Magnetron sputtering coating is widely used in transparent conductive film, optical film, superhard film, corrosion resistant film, magnetic film, reflection reducing film, antireflection film and various decorative films. It plays an increasingly powerful role in national defense and national economic production.


The problems of film thickness uniformity, deposition rate and target utilization ratio in coating process are very concerned in practical production. The method to solve these practical problems is to optimize all the factors involved in sputtering deposition process and to establish a comprehensive design system for sputtering coating. Film thickness uniformity is one of the most important parameters to test sputtering deposition process, so it has important theoretical and application value for the study of comprehensive design of film thickness uniformity.


The breakthrough of magnetron sputtering technology generally focuses on plasma generation and its control. By controlling the distribution parameters of different kinds of particles in electromagnetic field, temperature field and space, the film quality and properties can meet the requirements of various industries.


The film thickness uniformity is closely related to the working state of magnetron sputtering target, such as the etching state of the target, the electromagnetic field design of the target, etc.

Foreign film preparation companies or coating equipment manufacturing companies have their own coating equipment (including core components “targets “) design.

Post time: Nov-09-2020
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