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Congratulations on Puyuan Vacuum established its new company Pusheng Thermal Insulation Material Technology

PuSheng Thermal Insulation Material Technology (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. is the core technology strength in the field of vacuum insulation, focusing on medicine, fresh, food, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated containers, cold storage and other cold chain industries, as well as the field of wall insulation to provide systematic and efficient insulation solutions.

PuSheng Thermal Insulation is the first enterprise in China to develop an integrated vacuum thermal-insulation box,and also the first enterprise to introduce the thermal-insulation solution of cold-chain transportation in medical industry to the era of vacuum insulation.

We have become an important supplier of domestic biological medicine cold chain logistics packing box. Based on VIP-based high-efficiency thermal insulation technology, our vacuum thermal-insulation box  with the PCM phase-change energy storage material can be kept for more than 120 hours above(2-8 ℃). The standard minimum shall be maintained for at least 72 hours above in the summer mode (35 ℃).

We apply the vacuum thermal insulation technology, the wireless GPRS temperature control service technology, the PCM phase-change energy storage material technology system to the cold chain packaging solution, which these technologies can be fully ensure our product and service. PuSheng is very willing to work with the people and the company which with the requirements of cold-chain insulation and establish a good cooperation relationship with them. We are eagerly dedicated ourselves to create a bright future in this cold-chain insulation field with them together.

PuSheng Thermal Insulation Material Technology (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. is the only one enterprise that can produce vacuum insulation panel, and its vacuum insulation panel is in the leading level compare to the same industry domestic and abroad. Each technical index reach and surpass the standard of United States Materials Experiment Association,the products have been tested by the international authoritative professional testing organization SGS and passed the EU RoHS, which meets the requirements of green and safety.

VIP is short for Vacuum Insulation Panel, is one of the thermal preservation materials which is by filling the composite core material and vacuum protection surface layer. It avoids  the heat transfer caused by air convection effectively, thus can greatly reduce the thermal conductivity, is less than 0.002 w/m.k, and does not contain any ODS materials. It has the characteristics of environment-friendly and energy-efficient which is currently the world’s most advanced and efficient thermal preservation material and can be widely used as refrigerator, freezer, refrigerating car, refrigerating container, ice storage tank and other thermal insulation system insulation materials.
The thermal conductivity of our own VIP can be 0.0015-0.003W/m.K,which is 1/8 to 1/10 of the ordinary thermal insulation material. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation material, it has the advantages of thin thickness and good effect of thermal insulation and energy saving, It can achieve the effect of halving the insulation layer thickness (above) or saving energy and power by half (above) of the insulation layer thickness under the same power consumption. This greatly reduces the average energy consumption of thethermal-insulation box  and increases its effective use capacity.


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Post time: Dec-17-2019
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