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Common Coating Films Information

1. TiN
TiN is a common PVD coating that can increase tool hardness and have high oxidation temperature.

The coating can be used in high-speed steel cutting tools or forming tools to obtain very good machining results.
Good adhesion of CrN coating makes it the preferred coating in the process of producing chip tumor easily.

After coating this almost invisible coating, the machining performance of high speed steel tool or cemented carbide tool and forming tool will be greatly improved.


3. Diamond
CVD diamond coating can provide the best performance for machining tools of non-iron metal materials.

It is an ideal coating for machining graphite, metal-based composites (MMC), high silicon aluminum alloy,

and many other high-abrasion materials.

(Note: pure diamond coated tools can not be used for machining steel parts because

machining steel parts produces a large amount of cutting heat and leads to chemical reactions

that destroy the adhesion layer between the coating and the tool).
4. Coating equipment
The coatings used for hard milling, tapping and drilling are different and have their specific applications.

In addition, multilayer coatings can be used, and other coatings are embedded between the surface layer and the tool substrate,

which can further improve the service life of the tool.


5. TiCN
TiCN added carbon element in the coating can improve the tool hardness and obtain better surface lubricity, it is an ideal coating for high speed steel tool.


6. TiAlN/AlTiN
TiAlN/AlTiN alumina layer formed in the coating can effectively improve the high temperature machining life of the tool.

The coating can be used for carbide cutting tools mainly used in dry or semi-dry cutting.

AlTiN coating can provide higher surface hardness than TiAlN coating according to the proportion of aluminum and titanium in the coating,

so it is another feasible coating choice in the field of high speed processing.

Post time: Jun-30-2020
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