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PUYUAN VACUUM COATING, professional manufacturer of vacuum coating machine in China. Having focused on the vacuum coating technology over 20 years, we are a high-tech enterprise integrated with research & development, coating technology, machine manufacturing, sales and coating service together.

We have not only obtained ISO quality management system and CE Product Certificate, but also owned a number of national patents of advanced technology. Accurately carrying out the ISO 9001 quality management system in the design, manufacturing, production and inspection of each vacuum coating equipment, we got many honors from our clients in different industries.

With the first-class research team, sophisticated manufacturing and management system, we can provide the best machine solution with fast response and customize the PVD coating machine according to the customer’s requirement.


Our products include vacuum coating machine and vacuum furnace equipment.

Vacuum coating machine consist of HL series multi arc ion vacuum coating machine, CJ series magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine, CJHL series magnetron sputtering and multi arc ion vacuum coating machine, ZF series evaporation vacuum coating machine (also called vacuum metallization equipment), SF series electron beam (electronic gun) evaporation optics vacuum coating machine, GVM series vacuum coating machine for ITO film, ZFRW/CJRW series rolling vacuum coating machine, DN series multi-functional vacuum coating machine, ZFG series silicon protective film vacuum coating machine for auto lamp, etc.

Our machines are widely applied in different industries such as hardware (door handles, faucet, locks…), tools (gear, drill bits, milling cutter, broach...), construction industry (ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel sheet…), jewelry, watch, cell phone, car interior and exterior, cosmetic packaging, reflectors, auto lamp and solar-concentrators, etc.

We provide turnkey service, including coating film research, equipment’s R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, trial production, personnel training and machine maintenance.



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