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  • Brief Introduction about Several Characteristics of Ion Coating Machine Application

    Brief Introduction about Several Characteristics of Ion Coating Machine Application

    1. Good adhesion of coating film  During normal vacuum coating process, the evaporated particles are evaporated to the workpiece surface with only about one electron volt energy which the formed interface diffusion depth is usually only a few hundred e (10000 e =1 micron =0.0001 cm)between the wo...
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  • Why glass vacuum coating machine need to do regular maintenance?

    Why glass vacuum coating machine need to do regular maintenance?

    We believed that some experienced customers know well that once machine trouble occurs must be increase the produce cost. Therefore, some experienced customers will be inquiry the supplier the maintenance method when they purchase the machine. So when do the regular maintenance for the machine th...
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  • Hard film vacuum coating for milling cutter

    PVD COATING process is available in the following coating compositions: (TiN) This optical quality Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating provides excellent abrasion resistance & lubricity, and is the first choice for most molding applications. (CrN/CrC) This optical qualit...
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  • TiN Hard film vacuum coating for gears

    PVD coating is a plasma coating deposition technology which the materials are vaporized under vacuum conditions ,so as to avoid the reaction between the vaporized material and air.  PVD coating is used to add new features as improve the workpieces' hardness,wear resisita...
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  • Tableware gold color pvd coating

    Golden decorative film Silver decorative film Environmental film; High adhesion film Dishes metallic coating make the original plain tableware became aristocratic, currently on the market are mainly titanium plated metal cutlery. What are the benefits doing the TiN coati...
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  • PET film (Food package) vacuum metallizing machine

    ZFRW, CJRW series rolling vacuum coating machine is widely used on coiled material, such as PET, BOPP, plastic, cloth, paper, tinsel….; The coating film can be both decorative and functional. Recommend
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  • Optical film vacuum coating for lens, glass, camera

    The new coating methods, bring waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, radiation, anti-static series of all-round protection, allowing you to admire, very excited! Multiple super protection for your phone, the benefits and unmatched, nano stealth c...
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  • Shielding conductive protective film vacuum coating machine for cellphone shell

    A lot of home appliances, with the long time use of air conditioning, freezer, electric fans and other cooling appliances, make the circuit bear heavy burden, make the safe hidden trouble dramatically increased, while bathing number increase, air humidity, socket panel a...
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  • Low-E glass pvd vacuum coating machine

    Continuous Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment is mainly used in flat glass ,acrylic ,PC ,PE materials to get a high quality ,multi-function metal film . Electromagnetic shielding film,reaction film ,transparent conductive film ,antireflection(AR) & enhanced refer...
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  • Aluminum mirror pvd vacuum coating machine

    Application: aluminum mirror, glass mirror, mirror plate glass. Glass plate size: 2440 x1830mm, 1220 x1830mm, 600 x900mm,etc Thickness: 1.1 mm to 8 mm Coating principle: High reflective aluminum mirror adopt high quality float glass as substrate, in turn, after cleaning ...
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  • Solar cell pvd vacuum coating machine for conductive film

    AZO film magnetron sputtering continuous production line is specialized in coating the transparent conductive film covered on the thin film solar cell, which is used as an anti-reflective layer and a transparent electrode so as to improve the solar energy conversion effi...
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  • Table, chair decorative film vacuum coating

    Our pvd vacuum coating machines offer popular decorative colors like gold, rose gold, silver, blue, gray, black and rainbow for table, chairs, which also scratch-resistant and bright like mirror. ...
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