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Optical film vacuum coating for lens, glass, camera

The new coating methods, bring waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, radiation, anti-static series of all-round protection, allowing you to admire, very excited! Multiple super protection for your phone, the benefits and unmatched, nano stealth coating, will replace the existing types of rigid foil.
1, waterproof, moisture-proof: Powerful universal than in this area do not have a product on the market today can be compared to any fundamental reason is that universal protective coating of nano-particle radius smaller, adsorption stronger, able to fully adhere to all parts of the cell phone circuit boards, components and battery components, etc., between the particles and the particles between the particles and the phone tightly, "entangled" together, not the water molecules can take advantage of any machine, due to extremely small nanoparticles, and therefore protection while on the phone, the phone will not obstruct any point of contact, and will not affect any of the features of the phone.
2, high strength scratch, explosion: Nano universal protective coating makes the phone surface hardness 8-9H (Shore hardness) can withstand the Swiss Army Knife of cut plan, the phone in any case will not break into pieces splash wounding .
3, radiation, anti-static: universal nano protective coating due to the inherent quantum effect, to the maximum filtering harmful radiation, both pregnant women and children, as long as the protective coating on the nano-coating can be assured universal use, safe worry, because the weakly conductive coating, to prevent damage caused by static electricity on the human body.
4, anti-wear, anti-fingerprint: Mobile wear fastest place is in regular contact with the finger area, finger touch to make phone ranging from fading, while "disfigured" hey phones become unsightly. Coated with a protective film after, no matter how many times you touch not changed appearance, distinct fingerprint marks will be a lot less, the phone even more fresh and bright.
5, HD transparent, responsive: Compared with traditional film, nano universal protective coating is thinner, lighter, stiffer, flatter, more uniform, excellent light transmittance, high sensitivity, the effect is no different with the bare metal, operate even more smoothly than the bare metal.
6, prevention of myopia and fatigue:  can change the light wavelength to a certain extent, make phone has become particularly soft light, no glare, prolonged use, eye fatigue, protect eyesight.
7, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, anti-virus:  due to the inherent properties of nano-containing nano photocatalyst factor, in the light of the role of a self-cleaning function and tired of bacteria produce substances killing effect of the virus also can easily resist acid, alkali substance corrosive effect on the phone.
8, anti-crash, lightning: to make the phone's internal perennial kept dry and clean, effective protection against a variety of hardware (software invalid), from hardware to reduce the likelihood of such a crash.
9, protect your phone, car care: not only for all-round protection for the phone, but also a variety of car maintenance. As long as the car surfaces (including glass) quantum damping film coating on your car insurance no longer have the scratch, and there was no need to go to the car wash every few days a year and can save a lot of car wash insurance fees. Because your car has been universal nano protective coating strong protection, Diamond Body, gash without leaving marks, leaving no stone knock India, the rain could not stick, dust does not take root. Even speeding car was hit head thrown pebbles, also unscathed, often do not wash, appearance is still clean, even if the glass is not UV film can also obscured without a trace.


Post time: May-09-2019
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