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Low-E glass pvd vacuum coating machine

Continuous Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment is mainly used in flat glass ,acrylic ,PC ,PE materials to get a high quality ,multi-function metal film . Electromagnetic shielding film,reaction film ,transparent conductive film ,antireflection(AR) & enhanced reference film and LOW-E film etc. Our company can design the equipments as customer’s requirements.Provide complete equipment and process technique,full set of turkey service to customers .
1,This coating line uses vacuum magnetron sputtering technique .Twin cathode technique and MF sputtering technique ,With advanced control system.
2,The production process is full automatic and continuous ,the highest temperature of coated substrates can be up to 350℃,And it’s adjustable according requirements.
3,Chambers are made of SUS304,polished inner wall.chamber surface is painting treatment after polishing .
4,Chambers are separated by an independent gate valve ,which is designed as slider damper .It can be cut off easily .thus make process stable .Convey is drive by magnetron motor,which can ensure the stability of convey.The speed of whole line is controlled by variable frequency adjustable speed motor.running speed is adjustable .
5,Electrical control systems : Touch screen and PLC automatic control ,man-machine dialogue to achieve the data display .operation and control.
Glass ,the conductive film,widely used in liquid crystal display(LCD),solar cell,conductive film ITO glass microelectronics.optoelectronics,and various optics for flexible electrochromic device,flexible thin film solar cell ,flexible light-emitting device.


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