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Aluminum mirror pvd vacuum coating machine

Application: aluminum mirror, glass mirror, mirror plate glass.
Glass plate size: 2440 x1830mm, 1220 x1830mm, 600 x900mm,etc
Thickness: 1.1 mm to 8 mm
Coating principle:
High reflective aluminum mirror adopt high quality float glass as substrate, in turn, after cleaning and polishing, high vacuum metal deposit plated aluminum, rapid oxygen reaction, first anti-corrosive paint and drying, the second time waterproof hardened drench lacquer and drying, etc. After plating aluminum for glass, aluminum metal adhesion is very poor, which need to spray paint to protect aluminum film layer.
Advanced float glass mirror can also make color mirrors to increase the decoration effect. Blue, green, gray, brown, gold, black, pink and so on. Color mirrors adopt high quality non-ferrous float glass as the substrate instead of ordinary float transparent glass.
Color mirror is divided into two series: color aluminum mirror and color silver mirror.
Aluminum mirror coating belongs to the field of vacuum coating, for coating structure, vertical and horizontal coating production line for aluminum mirror coating. For coating principle, aluminum evaporation coating machine and aluminum mirror magnetron sputtering coating machine. We can also choose different production section from cleaning, pump, vacuum coating, paint spraying and other stage.

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Post time: May-09-2019
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